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Am Samstag, den 19.06. findet in der IBM Lokation Herrenberg der 3. Herrenberger Unternehmenstag (Links s.u.) statt.

Dabei handelt es sich um ein Forum für Unternehmen – primär aus dem Mittelstand – im Raum Böblingen.  IBM ist sowohl Host als auch einer der Sponsoren der Veranstaltung und mit Herrn Jetter als einer der Hauptredner vertreten.  Die Veranstaltung wird von Unique – Unternehmerinnen im Raum Böblingen e.V. geleitet.
Der diesjährige Unternehmenstag steht unter dem Motto ‚unternehmen – nachhaltig – erfolgreich – Unternehmen auf dem Weg in die Zukunft‘.  Die Punkte Globalisierung, Nachhaltigkeit und Mitarbeiterentwicklung sind nur ein Auszug aus der diesjährigen Agenda.

Am IBM Stand werden wir im Rahmen der Messe auch das Corporate Service Corps (CSC) repräsentieren.

Hier die Rahmendaten:

  • Samstag, 19. Juni 2010,
  • offizieller Start 09.30 h mit Vorträgen im Plenum am Vormittag, u.a. mit Martin Jetter
  • Messestart ab 12:30 Uhr
  • IBM Bildungzentrum, Am Fichtenberg 1, 71083 Herrenberg

Link zum Unternehmertag:
Direktlink zur Agenda:

Collaboration between IBM and Tanzanian Government continues! For more information please click here:

An Article about my CSC experience has now been published in Xing:;name=greaterIBMgermany;orderno=1#box_1

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Some impressions from Serengeti.
We spent 3 days there, realizing that the rain in only a few days managed to make the Serengeti getting green. We saw a lot of animals, of which the cheetah was one of the highlights. The last day we had a flight from central Serengeti to Zanzibar – and we were only 3 passengers! We had a great view from above: we saw the Great Migration of the gnus (wildebeest), we flew directly over the Ngorongoro Crater and the great rift valley. What a great country!


Here’s the first article about our project:
Comment lines by Andre Tost: Developing a virtual learning system in a developing country

More to follow….

On our way to Serengeti we passed Oldupai Gorge (also known as Olduvai Gorge). It is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world. In the 1950’s to 1970’s Mary Leakey and her husband Louis discovered tools and fossils of ancient hominines. And it was there where Mary found the Laetoli hominid footprint trail which was left in volcanic ashes some 3.6 million years ago. We also visited the Oldupai Gorge Museum. This Museum presents exhibitions pertaining to the Gorge’s history.


More pictures of Ngorongoro wildlife.

One picture is taken at the Grzimek Monument. Bernhard Grzimek is most famous for the work he undertook for the conservation of the Serengeti. He spent several years studying the wildlife there along with his son Michael. In 1959 Michael was killed in an aircrash. He was buried the same day on the top of the Ngorongoro Crater. Later the government of Tanzania erected a stone pyramid (the monument) over his grave. Bernhard Grzimek was buried there after his death in 1987 as well.
Bernhard Grzimek wrote a best-selling book called Serengeti shall not die, which appealed enormously to the public and was key in driving the creation of the Serengeti National Park.