We left Dar very early in the morning at 5 am when it was still dark and very (unusual) quiet. We were still tired from the evening before, when Jochen took the chance to meet the team members and when I didn't want to leave and say good-bye. But it wasn't easier that morning, knowing that my friends were still asleep and that for the first time after all these exciting weeks we wouldn't have breakfast together.
We started our safari with a flight to Kilimanjaro Airport and YES, we had a wonderful view of the Mount Kilimanjaro.
It's not really good to recognize on the compressed picture file, but in the background you can see the Kibo peak of Kili.
After a relatively short drive to Arusha we then headed to Lake Eyasi, our first stage, on a long and bumpy tour of about 5 hours.
We only had a short stop near to Lake Manyara, where I wanted to see the legendary Tanzanite, the Tanzanian "diamond". It's a stone that can only be found in certain regions of Tanzania, which after heating and grinding becomes a lovely blue jewel. It's really wonderful! And very expensive………