Es ist so weit…. Morgen ist also unser großer Tag, um 14 Uhr haben wir unsere "Final Presentation". Im Anschluß an unsere Präsentation werden wir einen Ausdruck all unserer Dokumente an das UDOM Management überreichen und ich möchte jetzt die Gelegenheit nutzen, über diesen Blog meinen offiziellen Dank aus meinem Dokument zu zitieren (siehe unten, insbesondere letzte Zeile).

Tomorrow at 2 p.m. we will have our final presentation. After the presentation we will hand over a print version of all our documents to the UDOM management and I want to take the chance now to copy my official thanks from my document to this blog.


We would like to express our gratitude to the following University of Dodoma staff for assisting us in preparation of this document:

Prof. Idris Kikula, Vice Chancellor University of Dodoma,

Dr. Nerey Mvungi, Principal, College of Informatics and Virtual Education,

Dr. Justinian Anatory, Dean School of Virtual Education,

Elia John, Assistant Lecturer Marketing

Leonard Mutembei, Tutorial Assistant and M.Sc. student

Matagoro Jabera, System Analyst

Maro Nestory, Tutorial Assistant and MBA student

Thank you very much for your help and feedback.

We also thank our CDS Development Solutions partners John Gohring for his support and introduction to UDOM, as well as guiding our first steps in Tanzania and Rodrigo Soares for his organisation of our travel logistics.

Our thanks go to Kevin Thompson, the Corporate Service Corps founder at IBM for bringing this initiative to life, Catherine Morris our team facilitator for bringing the team together and help us prepare for the project.

We also like to thank many CSC participants for their advice and insight and our managers and colleagues for standing in for us during our absence.

Last but not least, our thanks go to our families and friends in our home countries who supported our wish to undertake this experience in Tanzania and staying far away for a full month.

Thank you!